WD Caviar Green WD30EZRX - Partition alignment under Ubuntu

Hi Guys,

I have purchased two days ago a brand new WD Caviar Green HD 3TB in order to include it in my NAS (in addtion to 2 other 3TB HD (brand Hitachi)).

I would like to transform my RAID 1 arrays in RAID 5 arrays. In order to do so in need to create partitions on my WD HD.

I need to create the following partitions :

partition 1 - NTFS 750Go

partition 2 - NTFS 1TB

partition 3 - NTFS 1 TB

partition 4 - NTFS 126Go

partition 5 - NTFS 124Go

The issue is that each time I create a partition with the Ubuntun Disk Utilities application or with parted, these partitions are not aligned and the system ask me to repartition them.

I need to create this partition with this specific size in order to build my RAID 5 arrays.

I would be grateful if someone could help me to achieve that as I’m struggling to have a proper aligned partition ( I have read the knowledge base and it seems that it is related to the advance format, and the fact that the HD is using on a basis of 4K and emulate to the OS a basis 512o)

To be honest I’v seen that they are some tools for Win and Mac, but for Linux I must confess that I have not understood how I can deal with the issue.

Therefore support from the community will be much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,



Check if the link below helps.

Edit: http://www.formortals.com/how-to-create-4kb-aligned-partitions-in-windows-xp-and-linux/

Hi Alucardx23,

Sorry but I don’t see the link.

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Now you should see it. :wink:


Unfortunately when I run fdisk on my WD it tells me as the size is greater than 2TB, the partition table should be gpt and fdisk is not managing gpt partition table. It tells me that I need to use parted instead

Thanks anyway

Well if you can connect the HDD to a windows PC you have the option to initialize and format it on GPT.