WD Caviar Green (WD20EARS)

I have 2TB WD Cavier Green hdd, 3 years old.

After copied several files on my HDD, I notice that some files freezing exploerer and kill the process. After that I copy same other files but freezing occur again.
I suspect that HDD is maybe developed bad sectors and check with Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows but quick and extended test fails. Extended test give me option to repair but i refuse because i want to know which files are corrupted before prepearing to backup files which are important for me.

I located corrupted files (LBA sectors) and after checking whole disk again smart status give me 19 current pending sectors. I delete that corrupted files with zeores and after that smart status now is clear: 0 Current Pending Sectors also 0; Reallocated Sector Count 0; Reallocated Event Count 0. Everything is OK in smart, also Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows test pass now

What really happen? Is disk dying or?

my green wd20ears has a pending sector since 2011 and it didnt delevop any more bad sectors

is the only one and its working fine… but i dont have that freeze problems on any of the files when i back the contents to other drives

soo i would keep a closed eye on your drive