WD Caviar Black 2TB Issue

A few months back I began having troubles with what I assigned as my media drive for my computer (HD would dissapear from Windows (Windows 7 Ultimate), explorer would freeze when navigating the drive…) so I decided to get a new HDD in which I could run all of my music/movies/games off of. I eneded up getting the Caviar Black 2TB as I had heard good things about the drive in terms of performance. Now only a little over 3 months, the Caviar Black has been sticken with a plague of bad sectors in which niether CHKDSK nor Spinrite can fix.

I have run the Data Lifeguard program (it passed the quick test but failed the extended right out of the gates).  

My question is is there some sort of problem with the Caviar Blacks or did I just happen to get a lemon? I find it kind of odd, and slightly frustrating as I have only had this drive for so little of a time and it has already gone kaputs.

Thanks for any insight on this issue 

I’d say you got a bad one dude, it should be under warranty so replacing is the way to go.

**bleep**… I kinda guessed that was going to be the outcome. Thanks for the advice