WD can't read by MAC or any response


my wd fell off onto floor, but not so far from my laptop and still plugged, while i using it for watch movie, my movie got freeze bc the wd fell down, so i ejected my wd first and tried plugging it back in, but theres no response to my macbook.
the light did not blink the same way it usually does. it stayed on, I’ve tried numerous times to plug it back in but all it will do is either keep its light on, i’ve tried plug in another side my laptop, but still no response and also i think its usual humming has been absent, or at least quieter than usually, but i heard some noise like “beep trrrtt” when i plug it just short time and the noise gone and my wd still can’t read by my mac, i also try check in wd ultilities, my wd can read on the ultilites but i can’t click the 3 of run diagnose…

i still plugged my wd if they don’t response but after a minute the light got blink again but still quieter than usually, the wd can’t find too in disk ultility nor my storage mac’s menu, i can’t tested on another pc like windows because i haven’t, and i don’t have any another portable support for the cable

i already check on internet whats wrong with my wd, and still i don’t have any answer from forum too, many of them just had problem same as me but not solved yet from 2016 in wd officially forum, please help me fix it, so many important datas on there.

i wonder whats wrong with mine because theres no once or twice it fell off, before this , it fell off too untill the plug off but still used, idk now

i really want to know your opinion bout this, as long i read in internet, they told on their blog and website physical bad sector only solved if buy new one or bought to services which is so pricy for me as a student


Please refer to the following KBA article: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12452/