WD can not be seen as a media server by other PCs in the network

Hi all,

I have a wd tv live attached to a local HD.

The WD can see ofther media servers on my network no problem and stream the media from them.

However, other PCs in the network can not see the WD with the local HD as a media server to stream media from the HD.

I can manage to see it as a drive to access the files, but not as a media server. Any idea of what to do?



Did you turn on the media server in the setup menu?

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I checked it and it is turned on.

Is that feature for being able to access other media servers, or for setting the box up to be a media server?

Still, WD  box can see other servers, but other clients cannot see the box as a server


The newest WDTV SMP (with built-in wifi) does not have a dlna media server like the WD-Hub player.

It has  media library, content scraping, and Windows share options.

I believe WD intended multi-device households to have 1 Hub player (mediaserver) work with WD-SMP clients.

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Thanks for your reply

I think that u r right…pity…