WD ByBook Live as Digital Video Storage - Video Making


I have a MacBook Pro and love to take videos and make edit them to create movie projects for family.  I freqeuntly run out of space on my laptop hard drive and have been using an extrnal hard drive for storage and backup.  I’ve found the usb and power cords clumsy and disike having to get it out and plug it in. 

I love the idea of a huge, wireless external storate.  My questions are though, will I be able to store my video files and video projects on the drive (wirelessly) and work with them simultaneously?  Will I be able to create a movie project that is on the drive, and work on it so it doesn’t take space on my computer?

The demo videos were really helpful, and I think this is just what I’m looking for - I just would like more advise/input before I spend so much!

Thanks!  Cindy

It is possible to do what you want, but I do not think that you will have a good performance doing it wirelessly, since you will be working with videos and the bandwidth over a wireless signal may not be enough.