WD broken hdd


I’m new here and I have some big problems with my hdd esential 2TB. A few days ago hdd case was broken with usb part on it from that “motherboard” inside the case. Now I bought new case for my hdd but he was password protected with WD software, virtual software. Now I need someone to help me with this problem because all stuff I have is on that disc. Can I install some other software to ulock hdd or something else? HDD isn’t broken or damaged, he is good but I can’t acces to my files. Please help me, I tried to find a solution but nothing. I’m in that for about 10 days.




Bad news the board with broken port controls the encryption. You might try having an electronics person solder on a new port. Professional data recovery may be able to do something. With a password involved I’m not sure another board would work even if you found an appropriate one. There is no software that will unlock it. If you had a backup that is 2 copies you wouldn’t have as big a problem now.


Thanks! Can you tell me how can I format the disc because computer don’t recognize it? I hope that I can do that.