WD Blue Suddenly Started Working Ultra Slow

Hello all, I have my 1 TB Blue 7200 Rpm HDD. This week my pc started to work pretty slow and when I check task manager it says %100 disk usage but I disable every other app despite windows’.

And now I can’t go any further than BIOS and sometimes I do but it’s exteremly slow that it takes 20 minutes to open my PC. When I open task manager , disk usage is %100. I can’t open any window or app beacuse it never gets loaded.

What can I do to solve this problem. I’m thinking about installing a new windows with usb via BIOS but my HDD is so slow right now , I don’t know if it can handle that process. Thank you already.
Edit: My HDD health was good. (Auslogics Defragger)

I like the solution but I don’t think that this method is useful now due to technical advancement. You have to opt the solution that will resolve the issue immediately and for this I would recommend this website.
Resource: https://validedge.com/windows-10-100-disk-usage/