WD Blue PC SSD - removal of side nubbins


I am trying to transfer my WD Blue PC SSD 500gb (WDS500G1BOA) to an external caddy, as my MacBook is not recognising it and I want to check whether it is the drive or the internal cables.

However, I have 4 small bits that stick out along the longways edges (photo attached) and it doesn’t fit the caddy due to these. Is it safe to remove them, and if so, how, and will it be possible to reattach if needed later?

Thank you,

Those are not actually part of the SSD. They came off the HDD that was in the Macbook and have been added to the SSD when it was installed. You will need to put them on whatever drive you are putting back in the Macbook. Safe to remove. They are torx bit screws.

Thanks very much