WD Blue 3D NAND SSD not recognized when booting

For a couple of times, when I close the lid of my Dell Inspiron 5379 and open it afterward, the computer goes completely black and does not respond. After a couple of minutes, the computer boots in Bios check and reports there is no boot device. I have to restart from the Windows 10 installation USB, and it repairs itself.
I read on other threads of different SSD versions of similar problems. Anyone has had this problem as well?

in fact this is unfortunately a common problem with Windows 10 and the SSD …

Unfortunately, at some point Windows 10 switched on defragmentation again.
It is much more important to switch off the quick start in the energy-saving options.
It can also be a defect in your SSD due to various Windows 10 settings.
Had such a problem until the SSD was no longer recognized.

This means that you can secure fast data externally and trigger an RMA.