WD Blue 2.5" partition can't be expanded with unallocated data

Hi there!
Very quickly: I’m new and apologize if this is in some sort of bad format or in the wrong place.

I have bought a new WD Blue 2.5" 2TB for in my laptop and its nicely snug in there.
However i think i might’ve cloned the old 1TB disk incorrectly?
Currently the capacity on my D:/ drive is the same as the old 1TB drive and i for some reason can not expand it. The other entire 50% of the drive is unallocated data.

I have tried quite some things so far. I’ve used different applications trying to expand the partition but i either wasn’t able to or i had to pay in order to use that function (so many programs and website offer this option and it was very annoying)
In the end i tried to rely on disk manager which seemed to be working fine, also stating that there is unallocated data so i tried to expand the partition and in doing so the partition went from blue to green/yellow but i have no clue if that means anything(i think it changed from dynamic to basic?). However expanding the partition failed, i got the error message saying “the operation failed because there is not enough space on the drive/drives”

I installed the WD Digital data lifeguard diagnosticss application and this application does state the drive has a capacity of 2000GB and i ran a quick scan which turned out fine without any errors.

I just want to be able to use my drive fully… What did i do wrong or what do i need to do to fix this more importantly?

If you clone a hard disk using Sector-by-Sector cloning option you’ll end up a cloned hard drive the same sector count and the same capacity and will not be able to resize the partition.

The software i use to clone hard drives (from a smaller capacity to a larger capacity) i do not select Sector-by-Sector cloning. I use the copy/clone option for the data to a larger hard drive with the option to expand the partition size.