Wd **bleep**

I bought a western digital 1TB hard drive. Built my computer from scratch. Turned it on and there was a grinding sound almost like a cooling fan going figured I would fix it later. Two days later horrible screeching sound followed by windows can not be booted off this drive it was the hard drive bad out of the box. Figured OK so it is still in warranty let me call WD and get anther one. First they tried talking me into the option of putting the value of the hard drive (which they claim was $90 weird because I only paid $60 for it) I said no thanks. They put everything through and said I should get a pre mailer in the mail in 1-2 days here it is almost 2 months later still no pre mailer and as it turns out they not only don’t pay to have their defective product brand new out of the box sent back to them but they wont even send me the specialized anti static bag or any other shipping products :frowning: tried calling WD customer service they were of no help :(. Needless to say I bought was Seagate which loads a lot faster and wasn’t bad out of the box. Don’t buy WD hard drives :frowning:


you should have talked to us sooner… you received a bad drive out of the box… sometimes it hapens…

you can place an advanced RMA and receive a new drive and send back the older ( that you have) 

you will have to give your credit card info, but its not a big deal unless you decide to not return your old bad drive

you will have 30 days to send the old drive back or use the local store where you bought it

so they called :slight_smile: they apologized for everything created a new rma (to the guy who replied i did call right away i never recieved the premailer when i called back they told me i can go on my computer and print it which clearley must be a joke seeing as oh wait ur guys hard drive crashed so my computer didnt work) i understand that it can happen and i have gotten many of other things from the box where i was upset i was never got the premailer. the other i was upset about was that everything that i ever bought that was defective out of the box weather it was from joe smoe off the internet or a giant company well know they always paid to not only ship me the new one back but also for me to ship them the defective one back and in most cases as soon as they recieved conformation that i have sent them the old one back throuh the tracking number in wich they paid for :slight_smile: they shiped me the one so i dont have to wait. i went out and bought a new seagate hard drive so i dont mind waiting for this since my computer works fine. although they did end up paing for me to ship it back (still didnt get the premail fortunaly as i said i bought a new hard drive i can now print it) im still feel that is some thing they should pay for from the being not after i start spreading name for them :frowning: