WD Black2 Dual Drive 120GB SSD / 1TB SSD plugged in externally after crash in my Alienware, just take 100% of any computers resources?

Hey guys, so I got a WD Black2 Dual Drive WD1001X06X - 00SJVT0 awhile ago it has a SSD and a SSD in 1 its a laptop internal drive I bought it originally as an upgrade for my 2014 Alienware laptop, it was set up properly (surprisingly) they are ridiculous you confusing, anyway one day it just said nope and that was that… I have a USB adapter to plug in Hard drives to the computer, well when I do this with the WD Black no drive ever comes up on any WD software or windows drive mgr etc, and it immediately slows the entire computer down to a crawl (nothing opens) I can’t find it on command prompt it just plug in, take all resources and unable to find, then almost immediately after unplug pc is back at normal operating speeds and fine. I’ve hit this drive with everything I could find. I can not find the dev software to access the firmware and see inside the drive from that view if that could find it… anyways please help if you can. Thank you!

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I had one for about a year, still had warranty, so I used it to get another. The replacement died 6 months later. I tossed it in the trash. Best thing I could have done with it. Bought a 1TB WD Blue SSD and never looked back. I think I still have the partitioning software on my NAS if you need that, but I think it’s still available through support.

Yup, here’s a LINK to the software.