WD_Black SN850 NVMe SSD not showing up in Disk Mgmt

Doesn’t show up in disk management. Shows up on WD Dashboard. Didn’t show up when I disconnected the other 3 drives and tried to install windows to it from a CD. Oddly if I go from Disk Management into Properties of a Disk that is working and go to Hardware it’s listed with the other 3, and I can get to the problem child’s Properties. Nothing shows up under Volumes and I get an

‘Volume information for this disk cannot be found.’

when I try to populate it. Under the Events tab there are 3 entries, Device started (disk); Device configured (disk.inf); and Device not migrated. Oddly these entries also appear on a 1TB WD HDD, but not on either my 250GB Samsung SSD boot drive or my SanDisk 1TB SSD. Not sure if that’s significant.

Used SSD wipe in the BIOS to get the proper volume info to show up AND moved the drive to the end of the boot list, and it finally showed up in disk management and Acronis True Image. Thanks for the help guys.