WD Black SN850 2TB with Heatsink Issue: Only Run at Gen 1x4

Hi WD,

I have WD Black SN850 with Heatsink 2TB. I Install to my MiniPC Beelink GTR6 (AMD 6900HX) and Beelink SER7 (AMD 7840HS). Both devices supported Gen4x4 nVME SSD but i install my WD SN850 2TB into 2 miniPC only run at Gen1x4. I try to test manytime, update latest firmware, find more settings at BIOS… but same results.

(see more att my screenshot).

Help me for this case and way for this solutions?

Make sure the BIOS for your machines is updated which is commonly the problem with M.2 problems

My MiniPC as new model 2023. I just as manufacture is lastest BIOS version. Two PC i have 2 SSD Slot but i only install one SSD when running. I Thinks this problem for WD SN850 2TB with AMD chipset. I try to install other SSD (Curcial P3 Plus 1TB) is running normal speed at Gen4x4 with both Beelink GTR6 and Ser 7.

try the SN850 on a different rig and make sure it works properly

usb-c boxes are cheap now as well

I used with internal M2 SSD Slot. I haven’t use USB Box!!!

You have already checked the firmware updates and bios settings, so the best way is to contact the support if you haven’t a few steps you can try are:-

  1. Check the physical installation of the SSD to ensure its properly seated in the M.2 slot and that the heatsink isn’t obstructing any airflow or causing thermal throttling.
  2. In the BIOS settings of both MiniPCs, ensure that the PCIe slot where the SSD is installed is configured to run at Gen4x4 speed. Sometimes, these settings might be buried in advanced menus, so make sure you have gone through them.
  3. You can try using benchmarking tools like CrystalDiskMark or ATTO Disk Benchmark to measure the actual read/write speeds of your SSD in the MiniPCs. This will help you determine if the SSD is indeed running at Gen1x4 speeds
  4. Ensure that you have the latest drivers installed for the SSD and the chipset on the MiniPCs. Sometimes, outdated drivers can cause performance issues

I believe following these steps, you should be able to diagnose and hopefully resolve the issue otherwise the best is to contact the support team of WD