WD Black serious issue - assist please

2 year old Black 1TB. (Dated 14 March, 2016). Is only used for storage - accessed for an hour or two each week. The sled is a Win 7 Ultimate with a Asus P8Z77 Pro/Thunderbolt mom and a 625 watt power supply that never works hard.

This AM the Intel Rapid Storage told me it was un-mounting a drive 2 hours into a session. This storage drive.
I rebooted the computer and the BIOS found the drive without problems but Windows booted extremely slowly and the storage drive was not recognized.

I rebooted the computer again, checked for changes in the BIOS - everything still set to automatic, and exited. The computer was unable to boot to Windows.

I unplugged the storage drive and the computer booted normally. I rebooted again with the drive plugged in and again, device identified but Windows couldn’t boot with it plugged in.

And that is where I decided to head on over to this site for advice. Before I start trashing out my computer and disemboweling things, I’d like to get the full low down and if possible a step by step of things to test and check.

My feelings are, buy another HD, manage to get the drive on line somehow and copy everything to the new drive before it goes to **** in a bucket for good.

Of course, being a storage drive, it’s got 850 GB of critical irreplaceable saved data.

Suggestions please!!

Hi RJames1,

You can refer the below mentioned link to test your drive for any issues associated with it.

If the drive test fails, you can refer the link given below to replace in warranty hard drive.

Just a quick question. I am returning this drive to the place of purchase for replacement today.

  QUESTIONS: Plugging this drive into a computer to test may damage the computer. It came close to cooking my motherboard and power supply. (Several resets required) Should this be brought to the attention of the retailer? Will I be responsible if they test the drive and damage their computer?

  Thanks for your response. Sincerely,

Your irony for the day/week/month/year/decade/century. The product registration I received reading as follows:


        RYAN TITCHENELL*** ***            Thank you for registering your WD Black SATA Hard Drive™. You're going to love your new WD Black SATA Hard Drive 1 TB.***

    Two trips to the computer repair shop taking a total of 8 hours revealing nothing seriously wrong with the computer then home again. The drive idling then suddenly giving an error report. Testing the drive on another computer made the power supply shut down and require unplugging and cooling down. An inquiry with several data companies revealed recovering all our lost photos dating back to the 1940s will cost around $2500.

    And the reason I bought a WD Black in the first place is it's warranty and longevity made me feel assured it would never jeopardize our data or computer.

    No, we do not love our ***new WD Black SATA Hard Drive 1 TB.

         ***             A cheap back up drive would have given us the same or better service.

        Best Regards, RT