WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive

I’ve bought this product: WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive. (5TB)
Default file system was exFAT, but ive changed to NTFS.
Unfortunately ive lost the Drive Logo Icon during the process.
Can someone help me to recover that icon?

Download and Install WD Drive Utilities for Windows.
Try formatting back to exFAT (as a test).
Unplug and re-plug, check if the drive Logo icon appears again.
If not? no other formatting software it can restore this drive Logo icon.

Format USB Flash and External Drive as exFat using Windows for use on Windows and macOS Guided Assist.

ok ty very much, no results, for now!

my disk its HDD right? so NFTS its the better file sistem right now?

There is not any better or worst file system, this is a choice used for of increased compatibility with the target system.
And or about wider compatibility with most systems.

Now I have a question of my own, were did you see that icon, at windows PC or at the gaming console ?

Win 10 PC

From my past experiences, removable drives supporting password protection feature, these are the only ones which might include their own icon.
If they when formatted, any factory inserted feature this is also permanently erased.

ty veru much sir

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