WD Black Label/Logo

Hello, all.

I ordered a WD Black 4tb drive, in large part because the drive will be viewable through my case window, and I wanted the nice-looking black label shown here:

However, what I got was the “bare” white label like this:

Is the black label something that I can acquire separately to put on top of the drive, or do some drives just come with the black and some with the white, or is the black label not real and only used for marketing?

Thank you!

If it was me I would just copy that image and print out the label I want then stick it on the drive.

You could use this for the label HERE

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Thanks for the reply. That is a good idea. I decided to just return the drive and be done with HDD’s in my personal/gaming PC. I’ll still have HDD’s in my NAS, but those will be Red Pros, and I don’t care how those look.