WD_BLACK HDD 4TB 3.5" Internal Gaming Hard Drives - Several models

Hello. Would someone please assist me? In the past I purchased around 7-8 WD_BLACK 1TB 3.5" Internal Gaming Hard Drives. Never had a single issue. I am trying to migrate to SSD’s and have one WD_BLACK 4TB 3.5" Internal Gaming Hard Drive for storage purposes or perhaps speed it up with one of the SSD"s cache.

I went to online Walmart since the prices are very reasonable as well as on Amazon and Newegg.

Found for sale WD_BLACK 4TB 3.5" Internal Gaming Hard Drive - WDBSLA0040HNC-NRWM, then also WD Black WD4005FZBX 4TB 3.5" SATA 7200rpm, Internal Hard Drive Gaming and some other different versions.

I have noticed that there are at least 2-3 different versions when it comes to the 4 tb type.

I am finding that on the Product details the information is missing or is inaccurate. In some cases, it states the drive has available 256 MiB** of DRAM cache, then contradicts later on that it is only on higher capacity models. In another instance, it clearly states it has 256 MiB** of DRAM cache, or just 128 of DRAM.

I would prefer to get one with 256 MiB** of DRAM cache, but it is very confusing which model will have it. Seems like this information in some cases are hidden, missing or inaccurately posted.

I do not wish to deal with returns, refunds, exchanges but just to get to buy WD_BLACK HDD 4TB 3.5" Internal Gaming Performance Hard Drive with 256 MiB** of DRAM cache.

I would greatly appreciate anyone’s time and knowledge to post me the proper model of these series to purchase. Thank you kindly for your consideration. Respectfully, J.P.

Yes, I’ve had pretty good luck with these. Not sure why DriveDX reports so many issues with Throughput Performance, Seek Time Performance—but it seems to do so with a lot of different HDDs.

Both of my 8TB are going strong at around 26k Hours and a bit over 10k Load Cycles. They do run hot, despite their “active cooling”, which is a weak-ass little fan. I have good 120mm fans both pushing and pulling on each drive, and they still run over 46º C without load.

They’re fast—when I made a Mac software RAID 0 striped set, I was getting almost 450 MB/S read and write on BlackMagic, which is respectable considering the cost of SSD then. I’m not a gamer, and was using them for caches and project files that needed speed.

But at this point, I would personally go NVME if I were replacing them—just better for my needs. But if you’re dead-set on getting spinning HDDs, it seems 8TB is still the sweet spot. At least from what I can find, the $/MB for the 4TB is almost double$22.50/MB is high for what’s really just a quality 7200 RPM HDD, but $35 is crazy. Honestly, you’re probably better off just getting a well-warrantied WD Red HDD.

And I’m attaching the current S.M.A.R.T. status of the two I’m still running as a pdf if you’re really interested.

Good luck!

WD_BLACK HUS728T8TALE6L4 DriveDx Reports.pdf (989.2 KB)

Hello Cerberus. Thank you very for responding to my message. I do value and respect your advice. In my case scenario, I prefer not to have external HDD’s. 4-6 TB internal one would be all I really need.

As I mentioned in my post, I was unsure which of the black gaming HDD to get and having to spend a lot. When I am thinking of it all over again, I am willing to go with less than 256 DRAM cache. Basically, it comes down to quality, durability at 7200rpm.
I trying to help my son who is into PC gaming and now only has 2 TB HDD WD Black gaming/performance version with 64 DRAM.

When on sale, I purchased for him SK hynix Gold P31 2TB PCIe NVMe Gen3 M.2 2280 Internal SSD and one of type same in 1 TB version.

He is unwilling to let go of the 2 TB HDD WD Black which is also his boot drive along with games and insists that I shall just put in those SK Hynix Gold P31 2TB and 1 TB PCIe NVMe Gen3 M.2 2280 Internal drives. I am thinking of installing the Windows 10 on the 1 TB version and format the 2 TB so he can use it for gaming.

I understand that all drives fail, but based on what I read it is good to have a backup and then comes in mind the 4 TB HDD wd black for that purpose and possibly leaving the current 2 TB in the PC as well.

I read so many articles how to install all these 3 -4 drives and there are so many different advises and ways of instructions that my head is spinning. I have no idea how to install them so they can work all together. The motherboard supports these options I just have no idea where to begin. I just first wanted to buy a backup, or a storage drive and I thought 4 TB WD SSD black would be enough of a space.

Thanks again for responding.

I am sorry, I have not noticed until now the WD BLACK Gaming 8TB Internal SATA Hard Drive. It has 64 DRAM I assume not important at this point it is just a little above my budget to buy it. Thank you so much for all your work, time and advise/ I really do appreciate it.