WD Black HD Gen3 working as Gen1

Hello everyone!
I had on my PC a WD Black 1TB HDD for Windows 10 OS, and two WD Green 2TB HDD for data. Everything working fine.
For performance improvement, I decided to buy a WD Blue 500GB SSD, in which I made a Windows 10 fresh install.
Reading about SSD’s I discovered WD Dashboard software, and I installed it.
Everything went wonderful with my new Blue SSD and the two Green HDD, but… not for my Black HDD.
It is detected as Gen3, but for Dashboard it’s connected as Gen1. OK my bad, I thought…
I tried to connect the Black HDD to other 3 SATA 6Gbs ports with other 3 SATA 6Gbs cables (the ones I used for the others drives, which ones are detected as Gen3) but in all cases my Black HDD appears as Connection Gen1.
I am putting Dashboard’s screenshots for the drive with this problem, and the others drives.

Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance

This is how Dashboard detects both WD Green 2TB HDDs

And this is the WD Blueb 500GB SSD