WD_Black D10 not showing up as a drive

Howdy folks!

I have a WD_Black D10 thats not showing up as a drive under This PC

It is showing up under Device Manager as WD Game Drive USB Device and it is showing up under Disk Management as Disk 2 and under properties as a usb mass storage device, but it has no drive letter and it shows up as only having 149.05 GB.

Anybody who can assist?


Define “This PC” ie. What Operating System ? … How old is “This PC” ? … Does “This PC” support GPT (GUID Partition Table) ?

More Info required.

It show up under Disk Management but no drive letter assign. It could be the drive already format for Xbox drive for games storage. If the is the case in the DiskManagement, it will ask you to initial the drive, don’t it as you will loose your games data. IF you want to use the drive just for saving games capture storage then you can initialize and format the drive as exFAT on your PC. Those two cases are not what you looking for then please be more specific what did you use the drive before this happen.

Hope it help

“This pc”, in the menu off to the left that tells you what drives and files are on your PC. I have an Omen 15 laptop.

It’s a brand new drive I bought from Best buy. Looking to put all my games on there.

If you just want to store you Xbox games then you should attach the drive to the Xbox console and not to the PC/MAC. Use your Xbox console to format the drive as game drive. Once the drive is format as Xbox game drive, you will not be able to see what on the drive or store on the drive by plugin into a Windows PC or Mac or Linux. It has special format that the data on the drive can’t be see except from the Xbox console.

Good Luck

PC games, not XBox games. I made sure to pick up the drive for PC… Not Xbox.

Then you can format the drive on your PC as NTFS/EXFAT what is ever required for your PC games.

I think I found it. Its showing up under Device Manager, Disk Drive as WD Game Drive… but still not showing up under File manager as a drive. However, under Disk Management, its showing up as Disk 2… but only with 149 GB and not as TB.