WD_Black 8to repeatedly disconnects+reconnects instantly


Many of you heard of this issue, I hope I’ll either get help or better ideas at why the disconnect/reconnect repeats every 5-10 sec or so while using this external hard drive.

Acquired a WD_Black SSD 8to (usb3.0) 8 days ago, and after I plugged it in it kept reconnecting and disconnecting more or less every 5 second or so.*

The first day it managed somehow to stabilize for over 15hours but since then it keeps disconnecting/reconnecting.
It’s so bad that for sanity sake while I’m writing this topic I had to unplug-it because genuinely every 5 seconds windows tells me that the wd_black disconnected (+reconnects) and has a problem.


  • switched the usb3.0 cable of WD with a new one (actual brand new ‘gold-plated’ 3.0 cable): FAILED
  • uninstall-reinstall USB 3.0 Hub: FAILED
  • used the other usb3.0 slot on my PC to see if it works better: FAILED
  • disabled every infamous ‘Power Off/Saving/USBs ports’: FAILED every one of them
  • disabled my dvd-rom to save power ? FAILED
  • used an other external Hard Drive in 3.0 to see if my computer is faulty ? FAILED, the other hard drive was OK.

As the WD_Black is brand new I did not try to plug it in an other pc to see if it fails (disconnects/reconnects). Again, as it is brand new I want to believe that I purchased a good product…

I plugged it in the 2.0 usb slot and works OK but as I said earlier it is a 3.0 usb external hard drive, I want to use it in a 3.0 setting, that is why I bought it.

I don’t believe it is a power-related issue but for arguments’ sake here is my setup (the wd_black has it’s own power supply):

  • gtx 1060 running 2 monitors
  • corsair vs650 power supply
  • 1 cheap keyboard
  • 1 cheap mouse
  • i7-4770
  • 16gb ram

Hope’ somebody has an idea, even the slightest because at the moment this 7270gb external SSD is litteraly useless.

I fixed the problem and here is the solution. Keep it mind that it may not work for you but it’s worth a try.

  1. Unplug the external hard drive/ssd
  2. pack-it in its original shiping cardboard box (or container)
  3. execute a refund operation
  4. ship it back to the vendor you bought it from
  5. get refunded (easy)
  6. acquire an other external hard drive/ssd
  7. enjoy.