Hello, I’ve got problem with my WD Black 6tb (WD6001FZWX) hard drive, it’s disconnecting in the random moments during os working(it’s not main partition, it’s second drive for backup, without OS), sometimes it happens also when i just turn on pc and need to restart few times.It’s dell workstation 2~years old with windows 7 x64 pro after fresh os and drivers installation. I replaced also new SATA cable in different slot - it’s still the same.

Or may be contributing power supply?
Does anyone have the same problem?


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The best way to test if the issue is related to your power supply is by disconnecting other devices from your system and changing the power connector you are using with your unit with regards to the power source.

On the other hand, I’d recommend running a health test using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows. If the unit fails any test (Quick Test, Full Test, SMART Test) then it should be replaced.

My 3 TB wd drive only connects to my 2017 microsoft surface for a few SECONDS before disconnecting. It’s incredibly annoying and completely useless to me. I have a lot of important video files backed up to to it that I can not access. The drive us updated, there is NO issue with power supply as I’m using the darn cable that came with it from the box.

What is going on? Why doesn’t WD sell working equipment. This is my second completely useless WD external harddrive that does not connect to the computer for more than a minute…

I have done every online trouble shooting thing I can find. There is nothing that works. the drivers are up to date. Do I need some kind of magical cable that should have come with the external drives? I have 4 TB of external hard drives from WD that are totally useless to me now.

@jessicagocke I u have one usb port in your device(mby its broken?).
Did you try to plug in this hard disk on other device like pc/notebook?
Just try pendrive or other hdd on ur MS surface.

I bet this WD Hard drive is just shitty and reccomend you to buy new other one(not wd) :slight_smile:
I Had issues with different WD drives (red, black, blue versions …),very often bad sectors.
my problems have ended when i bought other manufacturer hard drive.