WD BLack 5 to Capacity not recognized in windows 10

I replaced a 500 gab hard drive with a 5tb WD Black using a Windows 10 system image. Now the C drive is to still showing 500gb. From what I understand, I need to convert from mbr to gpt. Can I do that with the hard drive installed, or do I need to pull it, wipe it, format it, and reinstall? I’m trying to set up a media server and don’t want multiple logical drives on the disk. Thanks.

See 3. Convert MBR to GPT without losing data using AOMEI Partition Assistant

Thank you very much for this. I’m sure it would work, but the free version doesn’t seem to include the mbr to gpt functionality anymore and I’d rather not buy the software for what (I hope!) would be a one-time use.

Yes it does :slight_smile:
(you’re probably clicking on the Drive Letter which won’t work … you need to click on the Disk Number for the Option on the left to Appear)

Using the latest FREEWARE version 6.0

And here’s some screenshots of me successfully converting MBR to GPT with AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard 6.0 FREE

Thanks again. When I click OK in step 3, I get a pop-up telling me to upgrade to the pro version.

I think I’ll try doing a clean install.

Sounds like you downloaded the wrong version.

The downloaded setup file should look like this …

Could be, but it was version 6.0 at the link you posted earlier. Am trying the other method now so will let you know if that works out. Really appreciate you staying with me on this.

I eventually used cmd disk part to entirely clean the disk, then convert from mbr to gpt. Once that was done I used the Windows Media Creation tool to do a clean install. Thanks again for trying to help me with this. Given the increasing availability and affordability of hard drives larger than 4tb, it would seem in Western Digital’s best interests to create a utility to easily upgrade to a larger drive with gpt.