WD BLACK 2TB very very slow

Hi I’m new here and I would like to report my problem
I hope you can help to fix it, thanks in advance
I have a WD BLACK HDD 3,5" installed from 2 years and half and became very very slow
“Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows” extended test has been passed and I tried benchmark with crystaldisk mark!

this is in may 2017

and this is today

the disk has 1,5 tb free and I just made a fresh windows 10 install

thanks for help

Hello kem1138,

I would suggest you to test your computer for any Virus or malware, which might be slowing down your computer.

Hi Neo33 thanks for your answer
The computer has a fresh windows install and It’s clean from virus and malwares.
I noticed that CristalDiskMark changed the parameters of his test now the third test “Seq” has been removed so for me is difficult to understand if the HDD is slow or not. The 2 printscreen are not comparable.
Is my HDD slow or is normal working order?
thank you