WD Black 2TB noises

Hello, I just recently purchased a WD Black 2TB drive and whenever I am in Windows8, there is a sound like it’s trying to access the drive but can’t.  It sounds like two clunks, this persists for 10sec or so, then stops for 2-3  seconds and repeats.

Doesn’t do it in bios

Doesn’t do it with just the drive powered (no SATA cable)

I have tried different SATA cables and SATA ports and the noise comes back whenever idle in windows.  Is there something in my windows settings that is trying to access the drive?  The drive is used for storage and extra games that I do not want to run off my SSD.

Thank you

Welcome to the WD Community.  There might be a couple of things.  One, your system might be indexing the drive. You could turn that off and see if that helps.  Two, it could be how you have your power settings configured.  The noise you’re hearing is most likely the heads parking on the drive.

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Thank you! never occured to me to disable indexing on the drive.  I disabled indexing ONLY on the WD Black 2TB and the excessive noise has gone away!!

I had a feeing that might have been it.  I’m glad it worked for you.