WD Black 1TB SATA3 64MB Cache on a EVGA 680i mobo. - Jumper setting advice please

Hi guys,

I have the drive above attached to the mother board above, so basically a SATA3 drive in a SATA 2 board.

On the top of the drive it says to connect a jumper to pins 5 and 6 to limit it to 3GB/s, however there is no jumper included with the drive. Despite specifically *not* ordering OEM that’s how the drive came + I can’t spare the time to return it as need this drive for my OS.

Is it necessary for me to install a jumper or will the mb realise it can’t operate at max speed and adjust itself? i.e. is this jumper setting is only really required for older mb’s or mb’s that may experience problems?

I have a large amount of work to do so being able to get Windows installed and get up and running this eve will make a big difference. Shops are all shut so no chance of getting ajumper till tom now.

I don’t want to try the HDD without a jumper in case it damages anything.

One last thing, am I ok using my old cable (was connected to an old 74GB raptor drive)? Bought a new one also, so not a prob just wondering.

Cheers for the help,


I have the 640GB 64MB cache SATA3 caviar black and it works out of the box without the jumper limiting to 3Gbps. Although I am getting BSODs when multitasking and I am thinking this is the culprit. I will put a jumper on it later and see if I stop getting BSODs.