WD Backup "stops working" 245 times in last 10 days

I have a WD external drive which does real time back ups. It is connected to my computer via a HomePlug network and to all outward appearances works well. ie it does the realtime back ups, it is accessible from other places when I am on the move, It also does (using Acronis) a full back up once a week at the weekend.

BUT…my system checker (IOLO system mechanic) says that it stops working regularly. So regularly in fact that this amounts to 245 “stopped working” observations in the last 10 days and so far today it’s 10 stops. Looking back at the record this has been going on for a long time. I imagine IOLO sm is getting the information from the Windows 7 log which records this kind of info.

Does anyone know what this means, whether it matters and is there a fix.

Even if the application “stops working”, if the backup is successfully completed then the application is automatically resuming operation. There are many different reasons that could lead to an unresponsive application ranging from specific system resources to running internal operations.

Thanks for A) moving my question to the right spot and B) for your answer. Up to twice an hour does seem a bit excessive. Do you know of a place - in my computer - I could go and look?