WD Backup stopped working

I’m using WD Backup to backup files from my C: drive (Win 10) to a 4 TB My Passport. WD Backup is scheduled to run every night at around 12:30 AM. I’m not getting any messages that it’s not running, but in looking to restore a file yesterday I found that the backups were

and so on

So there’s a 3 month gap. Much to my chagrin the file I needed had been corrupted in the 11/11/2020 backup so I had to try and bring up to date a 3 month old file.

Today I ran WD Backup twice. Both times it said it was done in about 10 minutes. There’s no evidence of anything being backed up from today when I go to Restore File. I’ve made changes to several files so it can’t be that nothing has changed.

Finally, the regularly scheduled backup that was supposed to happen this morning (11/12/2020 @ 12:30 AM) doesn’t seem to have happened either.

I’ve uninstalled WD Backup and reinstalled (I was running the latest version). I can’t figure out what’s wrong or what to do. Sorry this is such a long post but I wanted to make the symptoms and what I’ve tried to do clear. I’m about to give up on WD Backup and go back to the Window 10 backup if I can’t figure this out today or tomorrow.

Check if you have the following problems:

  • Fragmented disk: You can run a disk check and fix fragmented disk.
  • Infected with virus.
  • File Permissions.
  • Long Filename/Folder Paths Too Long.

And check the following things:

  1. Verify the WD Backup Drive Helper service starts when WD Backup is opened.
  2. Make sure WD Backup is allowed and not blocked by anti-virus software.
  3. Ensure the WD drive is connected directly to the computer.
  4. Ensure the drive firmware is up to date.
  5. Ensure the drive can be detected and accessed by computer.
  6. Make sure WD Backup can support this drive.

For more details, please find solutions to WD Backup not working.

Thanks for your suggestions. Other than specifically checking on the drive firmware I’ve done all the rest of these things either explicitly or implicitly. For example, WD Backup was working sometimes, and it was provided on the My Passport when I bought it so that implies WD Backup supports the drive.

After 3 Chat sessions with WD support (I was booted off of 2 of them), I was told that it might be a problem with Malwarebytes and WD Backup. The last support person suggested I use Windows File History, which then had its own share of problems (not all files were being backed up). So I’ve been working with technical support over at Malwarebytes to find and eliminate OS errors.

At this point I’ve downloaded the trial version of Acromis True Image 2021. It seems to work fine but is very slow. I may try WD Backup again but I really need software that will run reliably every day and backup all the files I need to back up.