WD Backup stopped working and does not run scheduled back ups

Hi there
Been using WD Backup for a while as a daily backup on my Win10 machine.
A good couple of months ago, i realized it was not running properly - and even though it would start (i found the windows notification) - it would stop a few mins later with an error saying “target not found” or the like. I could not get it to work, and eventually - uninstalled and reinstalled and setup the backup plan a new. Now - when i start it manually, it just says “preparing backup…” for a while, and then that notice disappears and evidently nothing is happening - as there is nothing new in the folder on the drive. and there is no “last backup” date (see below)

Any idea what is happening? is there a log file somewhere?



Look at this and be sure to read the red print next to WD Backup.

Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support (wdc.com)

Thanks. Does that mean that WD Backup should not work at all? if so - it should be completely removed from WD’s website (where i downloaded it from)

I saw that message at some point. I cant understand why a (zipped) backup application like Acronis should weigh almost 1GB …

If you are using WD Backup and it works then fine but if there are problems I doubt anyone with WD will try to spend time trying to figure out the problem. Like me, they’ll probably tell you to switch to Acronis.

I tried Acronis but didn’t like it. I use Windows File History to backup with or drag and drop for things I definitely want a backup of.

I liked SmartWare but like WD Backup they quit providing support for it.

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Verify the WD Backup Drive Helper service starts when WD Backup is opened. Make sure WD Backup is allowed and not blocked by anti-virus software. Ensure the WD drive is connected directly to the computer. Ensure the drive firmware is up to date.