WD Backup fails to display list of restore files after schedule change

I did not find a forum specific to my WD Mybook backup drive so I am hoping I have the closest match. Apparently my model is a legacy unit model WDBFJK0040HBK-0A.

I am in serious trouble. I have many years of data backed up but I recently tried making a change to the backup schedule (change the time of backup) and now the Restore function doesn’t recognize any of my volumes. My data drive F: crashed and now I cannot recover any files.

I followed the ID notes from WD support site, the menus are the same as on my computer except the list of files doesn’t show up. I find it totally unreasonable that the WD Backup program cannot read the WDSmartWare.swsto folder and deduce the file list. I can open it in Windows 10 just fine. So I know the data is there. My WD Backup software is 2 years old and there may be an upgrade that does not have this problem.

I have been in contact with a tech person at WD but he has not answered my last message from several days ago so I don’t know whether they will help me anymore.

Hard drive recovery services will cost in the $thousands. I need help.