WD Backup Engine (32 bit) causing high CPU usage

Since the last update to 2.4.4, my Windows 8.1 is running in high CPU mode caused by WD Backup Engine.

I’ve already tried to re-install WD SmartWare, but no difference. Does anyone have a solution for this problem, except killing the process?

Hi there and welcome to the WD community

On this case recommend contacting support and see if they can further assist you on this matter:


Experience the same: 25% cpu utilization when running Smartware 2.4.6 on an HP ProBook 6550 (W7, x64). Killing the process brings the CPU back to normal levels but after a few moments, WDBackupengine.exe restarts itself and moves to a steady 25% CPU utilization.

On the Probook: Enabling Backup in Smartware makes the CPU load go up but only temporary dips under the 25% and settles then around 25% again.

Run Smartware (2.4.6.) also on other (W7) devices but do not see the same behavior. On an old beast (W7, x32: If I toggle Enable / Disable, the CPU goes up but also goes down again to 1-2%. 

Same problem here. 25% CPU constant and takes hours to backup. WD has to fix this very soon, otherwise I am going to have to uninstall this software.

Did anyone ever get a solution to this? I’m having this probelm on my 8.1 machine.