WD Backup acting like a virus!

My 2T drive is having major issues with the WD backup software. I am now trying to delete it entirely but am concerned about losing files. I have it all backed up but this is my principal drive and I am having to reattach files from my other drives in the editing software. All I really want to do is delete the folder for the backup entirely but it is now up to 12GB and is taking forever to get rid of it. I have deleted the software from my computer already. Anyone have any tips? This is effecting my edit, my computer memory, and processing time. I have already spent 2 days trying to problem solve this issue and am past my edit deadline now. Help please!!!

Removing WD Backup from the Computer, will not affect the data stored in the drive. You can refer below link to completely remove WD software from the Computer.


I removed it from my computer and also from the drive. It had over 800,000 files and over 600 gb of memory taken up on the 2 T drive within the first couple weeks on the edit. Caused my computer issues with function and crashed my editing software on a regular basis. Took me 5 days to diagnosis with no answer from WD. Then another 3 days to delete the file on the hard drive.

A crappy program!!! They need to rework it!