WD AV-TV Formatting

I have a new My Passport AV-TV 1tb hard drive to record TV programmes on my new Samsung smart TV. The spec did not mention this drive is formatted to FAT32 rather than NTFS and I’ve read this might mean there is a maximum file size of 4gb. If so does that mean recording a HD programme will be restricted to about 1.5 hours which is not what I want?

Would I be able to reformat the drive to NTFS (or exFAT) on my Windows 10 computer and would the drive still work properly with no effect on performance? I like the fact that this product is specifically designed for TV use as I’ve had problems with other hard drives. I see WD have ‘quick formatter for windows software’ would this work?

You can try to forma the drive in NTFS file system and then try to us the drive.