WD App Manager File Threat Warnings from HP Sure Sense

I recently purchased a new HP ProBook 450 G5 laptop running Windows 10, and using a WD 8TB My Book external hard drive.

I have WD Backup installed and running, so I assume the WD App Manager is being used for this ?

I keep getting notifications from HP Sure Sense of file threats for temporary files being created and quarantined quite regularly, so they are kind of annoying… I have been letting them get quarantined and I later at some point delete them.

I’m not sure what the purpose of these temporary files are, but it would seem there would be a lot of them since they seem to have different file names.

Maybe there is a setting in HP Sure Sense to ignore them, but I have not looked that far yet, since I’m wondering what these WD files are and why they get created.

Any ideas ?

I could post a screen print of the HP Sure Sense notifications, but I don’t see a way to do that here.