WD Anywhere Backup UPGRADE OFFER

Recently, every time I start my computer a window  has started to pop up that states that updates are available for the WD Anywhere Backup software that was included with my 2T MyBook World Edition Network Storage drive.

The window that pops up asks if I wish to install a new version of WD Anywhere Backup software.  The only options given are YES or REMIND ME LATER.   If I click YES  a browser opens that then links to a $29.95 UPGRADE OFFER at http://www.memeo.com/wdupgrade_web2.html

It appears that the WD Anywhere Backup will not load until either YES or REMIND ME LATER is clicked.

Since my WD Anywhere Backup Version:3.5.4592 seems to working fineI  I am not interested in upgrading at this time.

In searching for a solution to disable the pop up for the UPGRADE OFFER  I came across the following reference


(see below)

I am wondering if anyone else has tried making the Registry changes as suggested or found another solution and if so did all go well?

Re: WD anywhere backup [New]
05-26-2010 03:12 PM

My WD Anywhere did this too, but I’ve managed to stop the reminder message appearing at startup.

In my case, the first time that the new version message appeared it changed the program that runs at PC startup. Instead of launching the backup software it starts the upgrade reminder. Then after choosing “Remind me later” the normal backup software would run.

I found that the name of the program had been changed in my PC’s startup (actually in the Registry). You can see this by viewing Startup in the System Configuration tool (MSCONFIG). For the entry: WD Anywhere Backup, in the command data you’ll probably see “MemeoLauncher2.exe” but it should be “MemeoBackup.exe”

To correct the above you’ll need to edit the Registry (make a backup first). Navigate to the key named:


then find the Value name: WD Anywhere Backup. The Value data will probably read:

C:\Program Files\WD\WD Anywhere Backup\MemeoLauncher2.exe --silent

and should be changed to:

C:\Program Files\WD\WD Anywhere Backup\MemeoBackup.exe --silent

Next time the PC starts, the normal backup software should run without the new version message. As always, take care when editing the Registry!


Have you try to download the application from the Western Digital website and resintall?