WD Anywhere Backup Upgrade Offer

Can you tell me if this is a per computer licence or covers all the computers I back up?

If no one onf the forum can answer this then can someone from WD answer it please.

Thank you.



Where are you seeing this upgrade offer?  If it’s from Memeo, then you will need to ask them how many computers their license covers.  Unfortunately, I don’t know of any upgrade offer from WD.

Dear Bill,

It actually came through the software itself if I remember correctly. It only occurred for a few days. When the computer starts and it shows the status of the Western Digital Drive it would make the offer.

I checked this forum for awhile but no one had an answer.

When you try and contact WD they want to know everything about your system etc etc. Also I don’t know where the papers are that came with the drive and could not answer their million questions. They are virtually impossible to contact unless you can cross all the T’s and dot all the i’s.

When I bought the drive - a World Book II - I was very angry and disappointed to find the software that came with it was a trialware software. I had to pay for licences after paying quite a bit for the drive. So I was very disappointed and felt conned by that method of marketing. Never had anyone ever done that before to me.

I now question sales people about the software that comes with things I buy. If I find they misrepresent the software then I always take the product back now. Recently I had that happen and they offered my alternative product but I refused to buy, from them. That was not a Western Digital product. Actually I have returned two products recently.

But having been caught once by Western Digital I don’t want to be caught again by them. So when their software offer did not have enough information I resorted to this forum. I did first try and email them but as I said they wanted to know stuff I could not answer.

Incidentally when I bought the drive originally it was from a small one man business who ordered the drive in specifically for me. Had it been from a chain store I would have taken the drive back for a refund. I hate that method of marketing. He was also upset to learn about their selling method. He had not sold that product before and was unaware of the trialware. I believe he vowed not to sell it again.

Hence why I am very wary of Western Digital ever since and will be for the rest of my life. I HATE TRIALWARE. When I buy a product I expect it to have all included.

The offers have stopped so I cannot take advantage of them anyway.



You’re confusing me.  First of all, any trial software that we include on a drive is not advertised on the box.  So, you wouldn’t know about it until you plugged in the drive.  And, it will specifically say that it is a trial version of the software when you install it. 

Secondly, the only trial software that comes with the My Book World II would be the MioNet/Anywhere Access Premium software.  The thirty day access of that was for full access to all the computers you had it installed on.  After thirty days, you would only have access to the My Book World drive.  There was no false advertising on that either.  We advertised that you could access your drive from anywhere, anytime over the internet. 

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with giving people an opportunity to try out different things to see if they would want to purchase and use it.  As for Memeo, that was a full version that came with the drive.  If you had issues installing it, you should have contacted us to get it worked out.  The only information we need over the phone is the serial number.  You could have said no to other information.  You can do the same on email, but any information we ask for is only for us and our marketing people.  We do not pass your information around.