WD Anywhere Backup keeping multiple versions of some files

I am running WD Anywhere Backup v4.5.6554. I just modified a large number of files (resized images) that were already backed up several months ago. I plugged in my backup drive and WD Anywhere Backup recognized the changed files and began updating the backup. However, when I inspect the files on the backup drive I see there are multiple copies of each file. I do NOT have the “Keep up to N additional versions” feature turned on for this backup plan.

For each file there is an original file name version, then there are two other versions with long names derived from the original name with “@” followed by some characters that appear to be encoded date and time information.

This is filling up my backup drive quickly. Any ideas how I stop this from happening?


Hi there!

If you are sure the feature is off and the program still makes multiple copies, then why not reinstalling the software and see if it is not working well?


I have the same issue. I have defined 2 different backup plans, both with only 1 copy of each file.

For one of these plan, it’s OK, but for the other (linked to the outlook express files), I got multiple copies (unlimited in fact) of the files.

Is there any solution to control this? For the moment, I have to access on the backup files and manually delete the unwanted files, which is not for me, the best solution

Thanks in advance