WD Anywhere Backup invalidates MSSQL databases


Some days ago the customer service department from the company I’m working for did encounter some trouble with “missing” databases on a Windows XP workstation where WD Anywhere Backup was recently installed (I don’t know the exact version).

One of our customers did call us due to our applications no more working.

Our applications do use an MSSQL database (specifically, for the outlined case, it is MSSQL 2005 express) to store their information.

What we discovered is that all the user databases (4 in total) were visible but unusable, even inside Management Studio. MSSQL service mark its databases as suspect or missing due to corruption or file mis-manipulation.

After some investigation we discovered the trouble being caused by WD Anywhere Backup.

Every time any application (Management studio included) did update a database, WD Backup performed the immediate backup, and from that time on the database was no more usable… until some administrator detached and reattached it.

The problem raised just after the installation of WD Anywhere Backup.

The immediate solution was to exclude the directories where the databases are located, but the same behavior has been encountered for some temporary files (WD Anywhere backup blocks access from our application as soon as the files are created or written), so the final action was to remove WD Anywhere Backup.


Daniele Rota Nodari.

I will pass this along.