WD Anywhere Backup for Mac doesn't work with after I upgraded to Lion

I have been using your backup software and love it.  After I upgraded to Lion, it still works fine, however I am unable to add new back up plans.  When I click on Create a backup plan,  and for device, I put in my WD Mybook (under Network folder).  When it comes to Backup Plan Setup, I have 2 choices (SmartPicks and Folders).  I have always selected folders in the past, but now I am unable.  When I click on Folders, it goes gray but nothing happens.  Can you help??

Dude, I’m sorry to tell you this but I don’t think there’s anything us users can do to help until an update is made to the Anywhere Backup app…

I’ve got this exact problem also.

Just upgraded to Lion and can’t select the “folders” button anymore.

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Just another ME TOO post.

Can’t select folders, means that this backup software is TOTALLY USELESS!

Have there been any updates to the anywhere update to work with Lion? Have just brought a WD creative book 2 for the express reason to safely back up automatically but cant get past the first back up plan setup window without it crashing, looks like I will manually doing this till WD sorts there [Deleted] out!??

Same problem here, anyone find a solution???

andydub wrote:

Same problem here, anyone find a solution???

No solution until an update comes, and there have been no updates since the 2009.

I asked WD Support about whether a fix is in the works to make the Anywhere backup software compatible with Mac OS X Lion and received this reply: “Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is [Deleted]. The Anywhere Backup software is not compatible with Lion, it is a third party software so we don’t know if any new update will be released for Lion. For the moment I would suggest to use Time Machine to back up from Lion.” So, basically, they aren’t doing a thing about it. Nice.

that’s too bad.  but hey it is old software.  I mean they haven’t been using anywhere backup for a long time.