WD Anywhere Backup Can't Find My Backup Plan Solution

I found this at: http://getsatisfaction.com/memeo/topics/backup_plan_missing

The advice below worked for me. After I upgraded to the newest version of WDAB so that it would work with Window 7, I restored the MyBook World back to factory new and backed up everything overnight. When I logged off and back on, the backup plan was nowhere to be found. I found the above thread and restored the backup plan I had created the day before and somewhere along the way, I plugged in a backslash. It worked! I copied this from the thread and changed their directory name from MusicData to My WD_Backup to make it a little more clear. This is the crux of the biscuit from that thread:

As I said above, after selecting the directory, add a backslash yourself.

In my case this did NOT work:
[\Mybookworld\PUBLIC\My](file://mybookworld/PUBLIC/My) WD_Backup

And this DID work (See the last backslash as the difference):
[\Mybookworld\PUBLIC\My](file://mybookworld/PUBLIC/My) WD_Backup\

WD, you’ve got some work to do! Good luck!

I had used WDAB for a year but really just let it run in the background, saving my data. This time I dug in to how it worked and noticed that it really isn’t that good. It seems to be oriented to a single user system and requires each user to have a backup plan. We have all music and photos stored in a “public” directory and my plan back them up but my wifes plan would duplicate those file on the MyBook World. Also, it doesn’t save all of your valuable files such as .htm on your desktop. AB makes the assumption that .htm files are in your favorites but not on your desktop. I like to drag and drop the icon in the “go box” of IE to the desktop for temporary stuff I am working on. I love the MyBook but Iam am looking around for backup software. BackupPC may fit the bill.

Good luck.


Very happy to here its working for you!



Thanks for sharing that information on the community