WD Anywhere Back Up Error Code playing havoc

I recently reformatted and installed Windows 7 and then re-installed my WD Anywhere back Up and created a new backup plan and when I run the backup this error code keeps showing up: Error Code: 12 Time: 11/9/2010 10:56:53 AM File: c:\program files\corel\corel paint shop pro photo x2\languages\nl\voorinstellingen\preset_lights_standaardwaarden.pspscript Additional Info: Access is denied WD Anywhere Backup was unable to continue with the backup because of an error detected at the backup destination. The destination could be disconnected or not available. WD Anywhere Backup will resume backup once the destination becomes available again. The backup destination is available, so I don’t understand why it say’s it’s not. I clear the error, but it keeps returning and I don’t know how to get this to stop happening since I am novice user. I have been using this backup software for a couple years to create backup plans on two different drives and this is the first time an error code keeps coming back and won’t clear. May I get some “novice” help to figure out how to rid myself of this error all the time please?

Is your computer going into hibernation at various times?  If so, it can lose the connection with the drive if the drive goes to sleep as well.  The best way to check is by verifying when the software disconnect happens.  Is it after you come out of sleep/hibernation?

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I just recently realized that the pc was going to sleep, so I have since changed that setting and have not run a backup since changing that setting. I will attempt another try to backup and get back to you with any results. Thank you, Derika