WD Align Windows can't be downloaded - Download button URL error

Hi, I’m trying to download WD Align Windows, but the download button points, not to software, but back to the download page ( http://support.wdc.com/product/downloadsw.asp?sid=128&a=),,) ooops! Please fix as my WD Green is useless on Win XP without the Align Software. Thanks. Captain K

I have the same problem…cann´t download the WD Align Windows Software.

It´s a bit frustrating, that -after a quite time-consuming registration process- it´s not possible to get a tool, which is necessary to access 3TB under XP.

@Support: Pls. check where is the problem,.



Did you try using the WD quick formatter? I believe there is an option to format for use on XP.


The WD Quick Formatter seems only to work with external HDD´s via USB.

I am using an internal one.

Try posting in the Internal Drive section. There may be a third party tool that would work. or something like this



I have same problem, button is dead. Tryed 3 different browsers and allowing all popups and scripts. Can’t get this to work on my xp system now :frowning: FIX THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON PLEASE!