WD align software failure(s)

I downloaded and ran acronis utility from the WD site.  When I run AlignTool it tells me it does not support dynamic disks…sigh.

When I run MediaBuilder it prompts me to save iso image and then it just crashes with a null pointer ref.

I ran the other utility from Paragon but it just tells me it does not like my version of windows (Vista x64) and exits.

I tried both products on two separate systems with the exact same results.

I tried adding mediabuilder to the dep exclusion list but that did nothing.  There is some rumblings of a similar problem with mediabuilder crashing that was recently fixed with a new rev of acronis.

I would tell you to get your act together but it is ultimately my fault for purchasing hardware with new features and not expecting to be a beta tester.

Sorry to hear how you feel about the software I dont use it my self but have tested a couple of its features. What exactly where you trying to acheive with acronis?  Is your harddrive internal or external?

What’s the model of your hard drive? If your on Vista 64 and you will only need to run align software is if your installing as secondary or cloning another hard drive. If is not going to have any partitions (clean install) no need to run align. Is recommended to have the latest Bios updates if using an Intel motherboard for best performance.