WD 7500KMVW Data recovery


A friend changed the harddisk PCB in a shop after an USB problem.
Even with the new donor board, the drive is not recognized by system (windows or linux).

Only one chip U12 was changed and by reading forum community I think that two chips must be changed (U12 and U14).

Now the older board was discarded in the trash.

What kind of firmware is embedded inside U14 (WINBOND 25X20BLNIG FLASH PROM),
Do you think I can get the firmware to upload this chip ?




Harddrive : WD7500KMVW
PCB Part number : 2060-771761-001
U12 : 8 pin SOIC Winbond 25X20BLIG : SPI Flah Memory 2Mbit
U14 : 8 pin PAD Winbond 25X20BLNIG : SPI Flash memory 2Mbit

Hello there,

I have not tried this, but lets see if a user that has tried this can help you out with some information or tips on this matter

what makes you think that the problem was board related to begin with? Damaged connector or the drive didn’t spin? Maybe board had nothing to do with it at all. No need to move U14 chip, U12 is enough for board adaptation. I think that you might have had a problem with “slow response”. You can watch this video to compare it to your scenario

Hello. I realise this is an old post but i just got a wd750 in for data recovery so they are still out there. I removed the pcb and gently cleaned the contacts for the pins that go to the coils etc with a very fine steel wool and then applied a little inox. The heads then started moving whereas they werent before but the laptop still wouldnt recognise the hdd was there. A program i have called Macrium Reflect recognised that the drive was there so i cloned it onto a new drive. Worked well.