WD 500 GB cavian green failed write zero


My disk is WD caviar green. I have problem with DLDIAG write zero. I cannot write zero. I have error “failed to update disk property.” Does any body knows why? I tried 2 different Pc and i have same problem. I loaded HDDscan and HDtune to view disk SMART status. Those two programs showing me ultra DMA CRC error, than i loaded DLDIAG smart. With this tool there is no error!So, which  one good? I changed cables, change PC. Still CRC error and i cannot format with zero function.

Hi there, I trust HDD Tune better and the fact that the drive has the same problem on different computers then I would say the drive is at fault… Are you able to replace it?

Yes, this drive is with warranty. My disk was in warranty 2 times. When i bought this disk 1.5 years ago, i had same problem with CRC error. I replaced, than i got new disk, after 6 months  i replaced disk with bad sector and two weeks ago i got new HDD and it has same CRC error. I dont know what to do. Because DLDIAG showing that all is ok.

Anybody knows what does it mean  row “Warranty” in DLDIAG diagnostic smart disk information. I have value 1 and 0

Does it means that 1 indicates that you can replace?or something else?

The 1 in the warranty column indicates critical failures.  SMART does have values that are more for informational purposes, so this is something that helps differentiate.  Have you verified that the RAM in your system is ok?  It is rather odd that you continue to get CRC errors.  Also, do you have the latest updates for your controllers / motherboard?

I tested HDD with 3 PC. It can’t be so, that 3 pc has bad RAM. All drivers are new.