WD 4TB my passport connected to router reboots when writing to it

I recently bought myself a Wester Digital 4TB My passport external HD to replace my old 1TB My passport. I used my old HD directly connected to my router so I could access the content from both mine and my wife’s Mac. I transferred all the content from the old one to the new one and started to use it as I used the old one. The problem is that it changes it’s “name” from sda1 to sbd1 a while after trying to read or write to it. Then it changes back. I can never transfer or read big files. It seems to be rebooting. I have tried to use the cable from my old HD, but that does not help. I have rebooted both my computer and router (TP-Link Archer C3200) several times, but nothing has worked so far. The firmware on my HD is up to date too…

Any suggestions?

I realized after reading on some other communities that maybe my router could not handle 4TB so I made two partitions of 2TB each and now everything works! :slight_smile: