WD 4TB My Cloud streaming blu ray mkv files?

Hi Thinking About Buying One Thease Just Few Qestions

WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage

What a want to use it for is to stream movies to me intel i3 nuc use xbmc

what want to no is  me movies are blu ray remux  so the mkv file are  30 to 35  GB

in size   there will be no transcoding since am use the intel nuc and xbmc  can this be done with

out stutterning and pausing on the 4TB My Cloud  ??

And one more question   what sort hard drive is in thease  is it  the  RED WD  ones or Green WD  Ones ??

Thanks Michael

Welcome to the Community.

Direct playback from a local network share should not be an issue as long as the router is not a bottleneck.


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Hi thanks for quick reply

the rooter is  RT-N56U - ASUS

and what hard drive in thease

Thanks Michael

I have not opened mine but it has been mentiond as being a red drive a number of times so I assume it is correct

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Ok thanks larry … could u give me bit more info about this drive like is the interface slow and sluggish … will have no problem play 30 or 40 gb files across gigbit network … and could extend the storage by pug another 4tb in to back off the usb 3 port to make 8tb

Thanks michael

the actual configuration UI is slow but is only configuration changes so not a big deal

general performance seems go to me. I typically see 40-80MBps transfers on Gb LAN

I don’t have a USB drive attached but it appears to be one of the more problematic areas. I would disconnect the drive before any major operation like FW upgrade or restore then only add it back after it is stable again and it will probably be ok