WD 4 TB RAID 'internal' power suply defect, can I save the data

Hi, a question from a good friend of mine.

At that time there was purchased a WD MyBook Raid (2x 2TB with FW800 USB2 e-sata connection) and this is used in RAID 0. Later, the disk is used as storage and any more as an e-sata video disk.

Now when moving home the external power supply unit got lost. Through info on WD website she ordered an external power adapter(Not from WD but with the same specs). These connected after receiving and there was smoke from the WD MyBook, it no longer functions. Now the drive is sent to me with the question if I can get the data from the drive, or repair it. Now I had told her that WD gives 3 years warranty, but she would rather the data off a nw replacement drive.

Now I have searched the internet and came across some things against or through an external box (or internal) if you have that option) software to create RAID 0. Usually windows software (iRecover) but I also found something for the Mac, R-Studio Mac.

I have a 2 drive external device (thunderbolt HighPoint RockStor 5212)

Of course I can download the demo and try, but it’s really want to know if there are people who have had this before. Before I open the WD MyBook and finally the warranty is gone.

Maybe I can fix it after breaking the internal power supply (which is probably burned), perhaps there are also experiences with it?

We apologize for any grammatical mistakes, English’s it not my native language

Hello and welcome to the community,

I would recommend you contact support directly. You may also contact a data recovery company. Some of our data recovery partners offer free evaluation.

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