WD 3TB My Book Essential. WD Player Issues, Computer startup issues

I recently bought a 3tb hd, as i wanted to split my video files from my 2tb hd. I left my movies (HD and SD) on my 2tb, but moved all other files to the larger 3tb drive.

First issue - When I connect to the WD Player, it recognizes both drives, but when i select the 3tb drive, it states, no files available for viewing.(But once connected to my computer I can view files and watch them with no issues)

Second Issue - When the 3tb drive is connected to my computer on startup, the startup ‘hangs up’ before the windows 7 image appears

Any help would be appreciated


On the second issue go into BIOS and check the boot order. You may have to move USB down after Main HD. As far as the video does the player recognize 3T some don’t.


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Thanks for you assistance…it would be nice when buying the products if it clearly marked, not to exceed 2tb for the wd live player